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Students and Staff dance at the Riverview Fun Run.
Students participating in the Riverview Fun Run.
Students present their work in second grade.
Second grade student gets down books from shelf.
Ms. Colyar's class.

Principal's Message

Student IDs for 2017/18

Dear Families, You student’s new school ID was recently issued for the 2017-18 school year. Student IDs serve a multitude of purposes within the district, including bus access and school library use. Student IDs issued this year are valid through the entire school year, as well as through the beginning of the 2018/19 school year until new photos and IDs are issued.
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Principal's Message

September 2017-Principal's Corner

Welcome to the new school year, 2017-2018! We would like to thank all our parents who attended the family events on Thursday, September 21st! Also, parents, please check out the new grade level and classroom information on our website. And, we have lots of other information to share regarding the school year to come.
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News & Announcements

Student IDs Reminder

This is a friendly reminder for 9-R families that we are now using Student IDs for all students, all grade levels, for use both on route and activity buses, for City Transit services and for use in our school libraries. Students in the secondary level have IDs that are specific to their school site, while elementary-aged student IDs have the 9-R logo on it as to not designate school site. IDs for elementary students also come with a badge holder and a clip so students can clip the IDs to their bags or other belongings to prevent loss.
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Riverview is known for its strong inclusion model, which supports students of all abilities. Watch this video to learn more about the strategies used to encourage growth and academic success for all students.
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