Welcome to the Riverview Preschool Website!

Our Early Childhood Education program at Riverview emphasizes the development of the whole child through social/emotional, physical, cognitive, and language skills based on the Creative Curriculum.  Riverview Preschool supports all children, those developing typically, and those that may have special needs in a safe and educationally-based program designed to meet each child’s needs.

Goals of Our Program

As teachers, we focus on a framework that includes four components:

  1. How Children Develop and Learn.  Our teachers strive to truly understand the widely held expectations for children at various levels of development as well as the differences you will certainly find among individual children.
  2. The Learning Environment.  We have well-organized classrooms that help children make choices, encourages them to use materials well, and teaches them to take increasing responsibility for maintaining the classroom.  A consistent, well-balanced daily schedule gives children a sense of security.
  3. What Children Learn.  Our children will be learning a lot in the content areas of literacy, mathematics, science, social studies, the arts, and technology.  We believe that young children are capable of learning deeply in each of these areas, and that they learn best through play. Teachers will be integrating learning and making it meaningful to children by engaging them in studying topics of interest.
  4. Caring and Teaching.  Everything we do should be creating a nurturing, positive social environment in the classroom, promoting children’s social/emotional skills and helping them become competent, enthusiastic learners.

Home and school are a young child’s two most important worlds, and they must bridge these two worlds every day.  When parents and teachers are connected in positive and respectful ways, children feel secure and are able to learn best.  We appreciate and acknowledge parents as their child’s most important teachers and look forward to working closely with each parent to make this a great year for each child.