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Our Library

Library Policies

Every class comes to the library once every other week, although the students are free to come into the library to exchange a book at any time.  Our library classes focus on a variety of activities including story times, book talks, library skills, and research.  All grade levels learn about the arrangement of the library, book care, and being responsible library patrons. Each grade level is introduced to the Dewey Decimal System and research skills. Ethical and responsible computer use as well as Internet safety for all grade levels is emphasized.

Kindergartners check out one book each week. This book will remain in the classroom and not go home. We have found that it is best for kinders to have a year of “practice” at being responsible library patrons before taking books home.

First graders check out one book each that they can take home for the week.

Second through fourth grade students can check out two library items, including books, magazines, puppets or audiobooks. The students may bring these items home or leave them at school. These two items do not count toward materials they will need for research assignments.

All students may check out Accelerated Reader (dot) books if they are working towards AR reading goals.

Students may come as often as they want to exchange their library materials. They do not have to wait for their next scheduled library class.

**Please be aware that if your child loses a book, or it gets badly damaged, we will ask you to pay to replace it. If a book is one month overdue and we have not heard from you or your child about it, we will assume it is lost and will send you a letter asking you to pay for its replacement. This applies to all library materials that your child checks out from the library.

Library Mission Statement

The mission of the library information program is to ensure that all students and staff are effective and independent users of  ideas and information and life-long readers and learners.