Student Learning Supports

Riverview's Student Learning Supports (SLS) program is a learning support program serving students with significant support needs. Effective student learning support is the result of a partnership between the student, teacher, family, specialists, paraprofessionals, administration, and community.  Below are our inclusion beliefs and guiding principals. The program is run by Kathy Tottis; please contact Kathy for more information. 

Inclusion is:

  • Learning with peers across a variety of school settings
  • Different for every child
  • Creating membership
  • Creating opportunities to learn
  • Meeting the learning needs of every student

Five Guiding Principles:

  • Student membership in the community is essential
    • Connection as human beings
    • Students identify with their communities
    • Good for all students – gives all students meaningful experiences
    • All kids are our kids
    • Students grow more when they are comfortable within their community/environment
    • SLS staff supports all students across the variety of school settings
    • Consistent interaction with the peer community promotes membership
  • Academic and social growth is essential
    • Precise, deliberate, taught directly, meaningful instruction and practice
  • Support of individual needs is essential
    • Equally important to meet all students’ needs
  • Development of self-confidence is essential
    • Self-advocacy
    • Essential for independence
    • Confidence grows when an accepted member of community
  • Increasing independence is essential
    • Viewed as progression along a continuum
    • Independent social relationships
    • Social communication
    • Task independence
    • Staff encourages independence while supporting safety