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About Our School

Riverview Eagles - Students who Own It, Think It, Solve It, Prove It!


Riverview Mission Statement
To inspire lifelong passionate learners, thinkers and doers by building a sense of community nurturing creative and diverse learners, and promoting student growth through high quality, differentiated instruction.

Riverview's academic program is grounded in ‘Personalized Competency Based Learning’. This means each and every student is working toward ‘competency’, or proficiency, on critical academic and social skills. Riverview believes in moving students toward high levels of achievement in a ‘personalized’ environment, such that Riverview’s core learning philosophy is a Growth Mindset: It’s ok to be where you are in your learning, it's not ok to stay there. Research has shown that students with a ‘growth’ mindset versus a ‘fixed’ mindset (I am only as smart as I am and can be no more), achieve higher levels of academic success. Each Riverview student owns his/her learning. Students individually track learning growth with a personal Record of Learning. Students are responsible to provide evidence of learning through classroom experiences and opportunities.The creation of evidence and the learning required to produce such evidence is facilitated by Riverview teachers. Teaching and learning is structured around student thinking. This is a key element in developing student ownership as learning is a function of building understanding through thinking. By the end of the 18-19 school year, all Riverview Teachers will be trained in Thinking Strategies. Teachers are already actively implementing student centered and thinking based learning in our classrooms. Over the course of a student's pre-school to 5th grade experience, Riverview strives, in a developmentally appropriate manner, to build learners who own it
For two consecutive years, Riverview has been recognized by the Colorado Department of Colorado for student learning with the Governor's Distinguished Improvement Award. Go Eagles!