About Our School

Riverview Mission Statement


RVE students have opportunities to own their learning, act on their learning, and impact their community.  We believe learning should be relevant to our students as they learn about themselves.  While we address the standards, we also want students to be engaged in learning what they love to do, what they’re good at, and how they want to make their mark on the world.


We are a Crew culture that supports learning and growth by: 

  • Valuing relationships with with each other 
  • Focusing on character development using the Portrait of a Graduate Competencies
  • Setting Goals and tracking our Progress and celebrating our accomplishments  
  • Engaging in service work to give back to our community 


Riverview We Are Crew Video

Portrait of a Graduate

RVE uses the Portrait of a Graduate competencies to help become effective learners, leaders, and ethical people. The Portrait of a Graduate competencies are the “north star” to prepare students for life after school. When students graduate, that’s really just the beginning.

Our Portrait of a Graduate competencies are:
  • Empathetic Collaborator
  • Resilient Risk-taker
  • Agile Thinker
  • Creative Problem-solver
  • Confident Communicator
  • Courageous Leader
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