School Accountability Committee

                                                                  RVE School Accountability Committee

The State of Colorado mandates that each school have a School Accountability Committee (SAC). Each committee consists of parents, teachers, administrators and community members. Creation of the School Improvement Plan is the most essential duty of the SAC. It is the blueprint for change that improves students' learning. Each year, the principal, with the assistance of the School Advisory Council, will adopt ambitious goals and action plans to grow student learning and achievement. The process involves determining/re-examining the vision and mission for the school, analyzing school performance data and school practices, and collaborating on school improvement direction.

Riverview’s SAC will have at least one member represent Riverview at the District Accountability and Advisory Council. Additionally, Riverview lines up SAC meetings the day prior to PTO meetings, at which one member of the SAC will present for feedback the work of the SAC from the previous day. The intent is to bring a larger parent voice into the process via PTO meeting feedback.

Riverview’s SAC membership works to have representatives from both the primary (PreSchool-2nd) and intermediate years (3rd-5th), as well as across significant sub-group populations (ie…parents of students with IEPs, parents of students with low Social Economic backgrounds, parents of students from minority groups, etc). Riverview also includes at least one SAC representative from the community at large.