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PCBL/Learning Walks for Parents


Durango Schools and Riverview are in the second year of implementing a Personalized Competency Based Learning experience for students. For more detailed information about what this looks like at Riverview, please visits our website and go to Our School. As part of our ongoing effort to bring understanding to our parents, teachers took time at conferences to share how your child was doing via each student’s personal Record of Learning (ROL). Your child’s ROL will grow with him/her throughout the year as more skills are developed and additional opportunities arise for students to demonstrate learning. It is one thing to show you what is being learned via ROLs and evidence produced by students, it is another effort to show you how the learning occurs. That is exactly what I am going to do.

I have scheduled four ‘Learning Walks’ where I will spend time with a small group of parents demonstrating how learning is being addressed at Riverview. The format of a ‘Learning Walk’ will be 15 minutes explaining PCBL at Riverview and answering questions to help those in attendance understand PCBL. We will then visit classrooms (aiming for 3 classrooms for about 10 minutes each). After each we will talk about what we observed students doing and how this fits in our PCBL model. The goal is to increase your understanding of how learning is being facilitated so you can best support your child.  Participation is 'first come first served'. Should we have great demand for the ‘Walks’, we will work to schedule additional opportunities. The four dates scheduled are:

Wednesday December 5th from 9-10AM
Wednesday January 23rd from 9-10AM
Wednesday February 20th from 1-2PM
Wednesday March 13th from 1-2PM

Please call the office to sign up for a slot. We do ask if you sign up, to please ensure your attendance.

On Wednesday, November 14th at 5:45 our PTO will be hosting another opportunity for you to engage in the learning at Riverview with a Riverview Community Meeting. The topic is school improvement. We will provide data as a baseline to host a discussion in which we will share our current school improvement efforts. We will also ask you for feedback on our efforts and additional ideas for us to consider. Your voice is important at the table. Should you want to research our performance please go to our Website to view school performance data at the ‘School Performance’ tab, under ‘Our School’. See you on the 14th.