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Harvest Celebration-Wed. October 10th

Harvest Celebration- October 10th
We are planning a few events for students and parents on this day to celebrate an abundant
harvest season and the incredible learning opportunities related to this time of year.

Garden tour and lunch for parents- At Riverview, parents are invited to join Mr. Love in the
science lab for a light lunch of the same garden vegetable soup that the kids will be eating and
visit about the science program at Riverview. Afterward, he will lead a tour of the school
garden which is part of the larger Ohana Kuleana Community Garden. We will leave the science
lab at 12:45 pm. It takes about 5 minutes to walk to the garden and we’ll plan on being back to the
school by 1:15 pm. Wear sturdy shoes for the rocky trail.

Research Link: Gardening for Kids:   https://www.rasmussen.edu/degrees/education/blog/gardening-for-kids-benefits/ns Planting Seeds Enriches Their Lives 
And, here's what's happening for the students on this day:
Apple cider pressing- Throughout the day, Mr. Love will be pressing apples during science
classes and inviting other classes to join the fun. To make this happen for the whole school, we
will need a lot of apples! If you, a neighbor, friend, or relative has an apple tree, please bring in
a bag, box, bucket, or truckload of apples. Apples with worm holes or bruises are fine for
making cider and all apples will get washed. Apples can be dropped off in the science lab (Mr.
Love’s classroom) starting October 3rd.

Garden vegetable soupTo celebrate a lot of hard work, rich learning and a successful
growing season in our school garden, our cafeteria staff will be serving soup made from veggies
from the garden as part of school lunch. Even kids that don’t buy school lunch that day will
have a chance to sample the soup that they helped to grow!