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State Assessments

Our growth scores (shows how a student at our school scores from one year to the next, compared to students across the state with a similar testing history) indicate similar levels of school effectiveness. Most of our ‘Growth Percentiles’, are in the 60, 70, and 80s. The average growth score would be a 50 (middle of the pack). In fact, in all our breakdowns of the data, we have only one growth score, out of 32 possibilities, below the 50th percentile. Out of the same 32 possible ways to look at it, Riverview has 16 scores above the 70th percentile (amazing!). To answer the obvious question, we had a growth percentile of 42.5 for students who scored meets/exceeds in Math from 14-15 to 15-16. We are actively engaged in looking at our instruction related to our students in these scoring bands to improve growth in this area.
Please feel free to contact Mr. Geygan if you have any questions about the data or ideas for school improvement.
Doug Geygan