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Our Preschool Community

We are a community of curious learners who play, make mistakes, persevere, and build and sustain meaningful relationships with each other and our world. Children, families, and educators are equally important members of our diverse team, each bringing their own experiences and perspectives to our community. Our different voices make us stronger.

Children are regarded as capable individuals who deserve respect, understanding, and the right to childhood. They are constructors of their own learning. Children have a hundred different languages and ways of communicating their thoughts, ideas, and beliefs, and each language is valued. In our child-centered community, children grow and develop at their own pace, in a holistic, developmentally appropriate way.


Caregivers are considered their child’s first teacher, and are seen as valuable, respected partners in their child’s education. We thank you for your ceaseless support and love.

Educators are seen as co-learners, facilitators of authentic learning experiences, advocates for children, and nurturing guides that foster a responsive, individualized, mutually respectful learning environment for every child. 

In our preschool community, each child will engage with authentic learning experiences that encourage them to grow in every domain of development, including the social, emotional, linguistic, cognitive, and physical domains. 

Our goal is for each child to become an intrinsically motivated, happy, life-long learner who is capable of engaging in positive and productive social interactions, solving problems, making connections, and learning from mistakes.


Thank you for joining us on our journey of learning.