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Welcome to 2nd Grade!  I'm Mrs. Papi and this is my 7th year at Riverview.  I look forward to sharing with your kids my love of reading and the magic of math.  Check in here often for updates about what we're doing in class.

Recent Posts

Welcome Back!

Dear parents,
I hope you all enjoyed a relaxing winter break, (yay for snow) it was so nice to see everyone today!  Here's what's happening this week:
Science: Forces and Motion- This week we have science lab with Mr. Love.  Our class will be in science from 9:15-10:15 Tuesday-Friday. 
Reader's Workshop:  We will be reading a book called Akiak, about a sled dog and the Iditarod.  Our focus will be on asking and answering such questions as who, what, when, where, why, and how in order to demonstrate understanding of key details in a text.  We will also describe how characters in a story respond to major events and challenges.
Math: Today we celebrated the fact that we did not lose our new learning about addition with regrouping while on vacation!  This sets us up for our next tricky task, subtraction with regrouping.  We will most likely spend the next few weeks working on mastering this skill and applying our new knowledge to word problems and tasks. 
Please reach out with any questions, comments or concerns.
Upcoming dates:
January 18: NO SCHOOL - District PD day
January 21: NO SCHOOL - Martin Luther King holiday

This week

Hi there!  Here's what to expect this week:
Reading: We are reading 2 different books this week, Moishe's Miracle and The Legend of the Poinsettia.  On Wednesday is our 2nd round of DIBELS reading testing, I will have a sub in the morning and I look forward to reading with each student and celebrating progress!
Math: We are still focusing on regrouping with addition through juicy task word problems.  Currently our class is on day 3 of a Stone Soup related math problem.  We are struggling, learning, and most importantly persevering.  Children are starting to self-differentiate; using varying strategies to help try to solve the problem, some are diving into multiplication all on their own!  Please give your child a few addition regrouping problems to work on at home, two per day would be perfect, just to keep the algorithm fresh and meaningful for them.  If you would like me to provide you with a worksheet please reach out and let me know.  Thank you!
Writing:  We are back at our opinion writing, adding supporting examples to our reasons.  I'll be honest, this is a 3rd grade standard, but your children crushed writing a 5 sentence paragraph (way too easy), so we're movin' on up to third grade.  I have no doubt we will be successful.   
We have a special visit from the Garden Club of the SW on Wednesday. 
Reach out with question, comments or concerns please.
Jaime Papi

Welcome back!

Hello families and welcome back! I hope everyone had a wonderful week making memories with your families.
We have 4 weeks until our next break and we will be very busy.  Here's what happening this week. 
Reading:  This week we are reading The Rough-Faced Girl.  During this book study we will be focusing on making inferences, visualizing, monitoring for meaning, and comparing and contrasting this story with another famous fairy-tale.  Please continue to read with you child at home!
Math: Our focus for the next few weeks will be around regrouping with addition. This concept was probably referred to as "carrying" when you were in elementary school.  We will start with adding a 2-digit number to a 1-digit number, then move on to 2 digits + 2 digits. This can be a very tricky concept and I will be asking for your help in practicing this with your child at home.  We will start out by making conceptual place value models using manipulatives and will eventually move towards the basic algorithm that is familiar to you.
Writing:  We will start a new unit on opinion writing.  We have been warming up for this unit all year through our "Would you rather" Wednesday writing prompts.  The students will learn how to write a paragraph stating the topic and their opinion, three reasons to support their opinion and ending with a concluding sentence.  
Reach out with questions, concerns or comments.
Jaime Papi
Upcoming Dates:
Science Week: December 3-7 at 1 pm
Winter Break: December 24-January 4

Message from Mrs. Papi

Hi everyone!  I have so many people to thank for this past week.  Thanks to all the volunteers and parents who were able to make it to the Halloween party, it was epic!  Thanks also to the volunteers who helped us hold the creepy crawlies Dr. Harbison shared with us on Friday.  Many of the children got to hold and observe snakes, observe a tarantula (not hold), scorpion, mice, millipede, hissing cockroaches and even a 1 day old mouse!  Please check the home page of the website to see some pictures.  
Veterans Day and Halloween candy donation: In honor of our veterans, Kate Patty (Ella's mom) will be collecting any leftover Halloween candy this week to be shipped abroad to those currently serving in the military.  If you and your child would like to support this effort, please send in some of your Halloween candy this week. My 5th grader kept some of his candy and gave me a little baggie with some candy to contribute.  Many of the children have been sharing their Whoppers and Twix with me, and I told them that while I so appreciate them thinking of me, I would like to donate my candy to the troops instead.  I talked about doing this with the class on Friday.  Please understand that this is completely voluntary and not mandatory by any means.  
Meanwhile, this week we will be writing letters of gratitude to veterans and those currently serving.  Thanks to those of you who have been sending me addresses, we have a lot of people to thank!
As always, reach out with questions, comments or concerns.
Jaime Papi

Halloween reminder

Students may bring their costumes to school on Halloween.  I will give them time to change into their costumes before the party at 1-1:45. Please do not allow you child to wear his/her costume to school.  Thanks so much!

Papi Class News

Dear families,
I will be at a training this week but your students will be busy learning! 
Math: This week we continue to study place value and comparing numbers (greater than less than), as well as working through challenging word problems that stretch thinking.  Students are asked to show their thinking at least 3 different ways, using words, models and number sentences.  
Reading: We will be starting our fun monster unit this week!  Students will be reading about monsters, creating monsters and writing about monsters.
Writing: Students are wrapping up their personal narratives.  They are currently working on writing their final drafts and illustrating their stories. Next, we will start an informative writing unit starting off with describing their own monsters in detail.
Upcoming dates: 
October 15-19- Mrs. Papi gone at Orton-Gillingham training
October 25- Parent teacher conferences 3-6pm
October 26- No school-Parent teacher conferences
October 29-No school-Professional Development Day

Making arrays
Hi Parents,
Today your children were engaged during our math time in teaching one another about arrays.  They were tasked with working with a partner and finding any object in the room to create arrays and write number sentences to go with them.  Then they had to explain their concept to their classmates.  The kids knocked it out of the park! I am trying to upload some pictures for you to see them in action!