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SK8 Club and Sk8 Shop

The purpose of Riverview SK8 club is to provide students with more opportunities to build community, while having fun, and taking calculated risks. A secondary goal is to provide a structure that can help kids feel connected to the Riverview community even if academic challenges and social challenges feel sometimes unattainable.  We promote the idea of leadership by example and ask that all students who value this incredible privilege show their gratitude by following Eagle Expectations on and off their boards, blades, scooters and skates. 
Who is invited?
Any student in 2nd or 3rd grade who can commit to being a leader can join us on Monday, Wednesday, or Friday during lunch recess. (hopefully we can extend this to other grades in the future)
What do I do to join?
Get a waiver from Mr. O. and have your parents agree and sign it.