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Mrs. Miller's 4th grade class

Week of 1/7/19-1/25/19
English/Language Arts with Mrs. Miller:
    Writers are working on the Quarter 2 writing sample, practicing informational writing using a variety of sources. The beginning of Quarter 3 writers will explore opinion writing and expressing ideas and opinions on various topics. We are continuing to practice essay structure and understanding how to develop our details to create clear communication for our readers. Writers are also working through the writing process, with emphasis on editing and revising their work. 
Reader's Workshop:
   Readers are working toward several reading skills in both mentor texts, poetry, and independent reading texts.
Skills readers are working include making inferences, monitoring for meaning, finding the main idea and using 
evidence from the text to support thinking. 
  To support reading at home, reading for 20 minutes per evening can really help with fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension.
To help your reader to connect their thinking to the text ask open-ended questions that encourage explanation.
Some examples of these are:
~What is this book mostly about?
~Who are the main characters? Tell me about them.
~Do you like the characters? Why or why not?
~Is the story easy to read? Why or why not?
~What do you like about the way the story is written?
For non-fiction:
~What is the book about?
~What did you learn from this book?
~What were some words the author used about the topic that helped you?
~What did you find out that you didn't know before?
 “When I look back, I am so impressed again with the life-giving power of literature. If I were a young person today, trying to gain a sense of
myself in the world, I would do that again by reading, just as I did when I was young.” — Maya Angelou
Social Studies with Mr. Alderton:
    In Social Studies we are beginning a unit on Economics. We will learn about industries and the types of
resources they use to provide goods and services. We will also discuss economic issues like risk,
opportunity cost, and incentives. Students will research an industry of their choosing and create a project
that shows the resources that are used in the industry. Students will also be creating an illustrated economic
concept for a statewide calendar contest created by Economic Literacy Colorado. For more information on this
organization and the contest, visit the link below.
 Math with Mr. Baken:
    In Math we will be continuing to work on problems of the day. A new practice will be that students will now bring home one of their problems of the day from the week each Friday. These are meant to lead to discussion with your student about their thinking in math and to give you a better idea of the kind of things we are working on.  

Dear Baken Math Parents,

Two important pieces of information I would like you to know:

  1. Students have had time to learn their multiplication facts on their own, but during the rest of January they will be asked to spend 15 minutes per evening learning their facts. This includes weekends, but their reward comes in the form of Mr. Baken letting them have a party on February 1st if all students get 90% or above on their 5 minute fact test. Thank you in advance for helping support this important task!

  2. Also, students will be bringing home their problems of the day home on Fridays. Please expect to see three problems, because one is staying here at school to keep in their data binders. To support your child, please have them discuss what strategies they used to solve the problems.

Clarifying questions are welcomed! My cell # is 970-769-2607

Science with Mr. Love:
   In science we are finishing our life science unit. Students have been investigating the impacts of wildfire on local wildlife and developing projects to demonstrate their learning.  We are going to try something new, where students will bring home their science portfolios and projects to present their learning to someone at home (a parent, sibling, family friend, etc.).  After the presentation, there will be a form for the student to return to Mr. Love that includes feedback about the presentation.