Engineering News: Week of 3/9

Spring into Engineering!
"Engineering Invention" is our new topic.  This week sees us starting up a whole new rotation.  This next six weeks will be the final full rotation for each class.  I will see each class for an abbreviated schedule the final 3 weeks of school.  This rotation is all about putting the pieces together and engineering an invention.  The students will be learning about what invention means, conducting research on inventions, and then generating an invention of their own to present to our class panel.  The goal is to incorporate their engineering practices from throughout the year, while also personalizing and shaping their own "inventions," so to speak.  We're looking for fun, creativity, grappling with questions, and learning from prior invention while practicing and applying experience to engineer something new!  Thank you for your interest in our work.  Please contact me with any questions.
Mr. B-)