5th Grade Math News: Week of February 17th

5th Grade is all about Statistics!!
Over the last couple weeks we have covered more than a few bases.  Most recently, we wrapped up our unit on multiplying and dividing with decimals (students have work to share) and have been using those skills to work with data collection and evaluating data.  Fractions decimals and percents are the foundation of our new unit.  The students have been busy gathering data around the school and within our classroom and drawing conclusions based on that data.  You can ask your child about rolling dice, eye-color, shoe sizes, and how we gather percentages and measure central tendency.  We will be working within this unit for the next few weeks, as it is also a great refresher for all-around computation.  Peeking down the road just a bit, geometry is on the horizon as well.  Please contact us if you have any questions.  Thank you so much for your interest in our work and for your ongoing support.
5th Grade Math