4th Grade Math News: Week of February 17th

Hello 4th Grade!!
So much has been going on.  In the last couple of weeks we have adventured into measurement land and worked with hands-on measurement and converting units of measurement.  The students not only learned, but I believe they would even reveal that they had fun!  We were also able to gather data on our progress with measurement via Pearson Realize.  The students completed the online assessment (unit-14) last week and did extremely well.  Students are able to share their work with you in Pearson.  Our next transition is into geometry.  We have established some key vocabulary practice and have started to work with using protractors to draw and measure shapes/angles.  I think the students are excited, as am I.  Geometry is a blast!  Please contact us with any questions.  Thank you for being a part of our success.
Mr. B-)