5th Grade Math News: Week of 1/6/20

Hello Team!
Welcome back to your 5th grade math classroom.  Here's the latest update. 
The first part of this week found us needing a little look back in time to refresh our work with multiplying decimals in unit-3.  On Tuesday we tackled the half-chapter review for unit-3 and the students were feeling great about their work.  The remainder of the week will see us using division concepts with decimals, and that will conclude our unit-3 practice.  We are also also balancing our core work with the midyear iready diagnostic assessment.  We are scheduled to complete the diagnostic next Tuesday and Wednesday.  This should give us a solid look at growth thus far as well as some specific skills we can focus on to supplement our core curriculum.  My hope is that by the end of next week we will be transitioning out of the assessment and unit-3, and moving into unit-4 (the meshing of fractions, decimals, and percents).  We have a great pace going and the proficiency of the students' computation really enables us to work efficiently through the current units of study.  I'm so proud of the effort and independence our 5th grade math group shows.  We're looking forward to a super 2nd half of the school year.  Keep in touch.  My door is always open.
Mr. B-)
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