4th Grade Math News: Week of 1/6/20

Hello all! 
Here's the most recent breakdown of our math work in 4th grade.  This week is dedicated to refining, reflecting, and reviewing our work with fractions and mixed numbers.  We covered a great deal of ground before break and I am seeing that a step back in time is needed.  Th 1st half of the week is focused on group practice with adding and subtracting fractions.  Thursday and Friday have been set aside for the grade level to complete the midyear diagnostic assessment in the iready platform.  The diagnostic should give us a solid look at growth while also identifying some specifics we can practice.  This is a nice piece to add to our core curriculum work.  By the end of the month we should be well into applying learned concepts to measurement and geometry.  I am working to balance practice and assessment at this time of year, so we will be working hard as a team in class to share our thinking and dive deeper with fractions.  Thank you for all of the support. 
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