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                It has been a great year teaching your children and it is hard to believe there is only 1 month left. All of the grades go outside for the month of May so do not forget to lather your child up with sunscreen before school starts. The primary students will finish jump rope and then work on some kicking and soccer skills. They will finish the year with hopscotch. Our Secondary students will finish with softball skills and then we will play kickball. I like to teach the rules of baseball using kickball because kickball is much easier to play. We will also play a fun invasive game called Cover the Cone, it is a Capture the Flag variation.

                Field day will be either Wednesday, May 23rd or Thursday, May 24th. I am going to look at the 10-day forecast as we get closer and choose which day looks the warmest. Please send your child in clothes that can get wet and dirty, not saying that will happen, but it could.

                Thank you for letting me teaching your children, they are all amazing!