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April P.E. Post


                We finished our Long Rope Jumping unit last week. This week we are playing some throwing and catching games. Starting April 13th we will start our Parachute unit. This unit is so much fun and the students really enjoy it. We will do Parachute for two classes and then move onto jumping single ropes which will take us into May. If you are working with your child at home throwing and caching is always a skill that we can improve upon. If you have a jump rope, a little extra practice is always nice as well.




                Our 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders just finished Hockey and are moving onto Track and Field. We will have two Track and Field classes. We will teach some dynamic warm-up techniques, sprinting and then broad jump (standing long jump) in the first class. During the second class we will run a mile (or almost a mile), 4 laps around the soccer field for a time and then do a softball throw. We will be back inside for one class after the Track unit for fitness testing, pacer and push-up test, and then we are back outside for softball/baseball.



I help run a Track and Field camp from June 4th - June 8th. I will hopefully have flyers soon but if you are interested please feel from to contact me at [email protected]