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November-December P.E. Post



                We just started working on manipulating balls at the end of October by learning to roll. The most important concept I want them to learn is stepping in opposition (rolling with right hand stepping with left foot). This skill is crucial to be successful at more advanced types of rolling and throwing, not to mention the benefits it has in developing neural pathways in the brain. We will continue practicing stepping in opposition with some underhand throwing before moving into our dance unit in December. Please take every opportunity you have to reinforce the skills we are learning in P.E. class. If we only practice a skill once or twice a week we will never improve that skill.



                We are still focusing on our 6 Components of Skill Related Fitness. We have spent a lot of time working on agility drills in the white painted circles outside of the school. These drills cause the students to use balance, coordination, and speed but they also need to focus. When students perform these drills they are using different parts of their brain and the connections that are developed and/or strengthened will not only help them physically but in the classroom as well. Next time you are at school with your student for drop off or pick up ask them to show you their favorite agility drill.

                We have also started our soccer unit which we will continue until our last week before Thanksgiving Break and then we will have our dance unit between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Remember that we will be outside for the next 3 weeks. Ask your child if they have P.E. and to dress appropriately, especially 4th graders who start P.E. at 8:00 am.


Let it snow!