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October P.E. Post


                We are finishing learning about or locomotor skills and we will start using manipulatives. I will introduce playing with scarves, beanbags and hula-hoops before we start using different types of balls. This is the time where I teach students how to manage equipment safely and without letting it be a distraction to themselves or their classmates. Toward the end of the month we will start with rolling which is a skill needed to underhand throw and then overhand throw. If you are working with your child at home the most important thing you can help them with is stepping in opposition (i.e. throwing with your right hand and stepping with your left foot).




                Our intermediate students finished up Frisbee and has started on football. In 4th and 5th grade my units are set up with 2 classes devoted to skills and then two classes for playing the sport. 3rd grade will spend 3 classes working on skills and then play a lead-up game or a different activity. During our football unit we are focusing on power, agility and reaction time. Ask your child to show you some of the agility drills we do at the beginning of class. After football we will do some fitness testing. I only fitness test them so they understand how the test is performed. In middle school they will be graded on their fitness test scores but at Riverview I just want them to try to improve their score from now until we take it again in April. We only perform two tests, the push-up test and the pacer test (running test). If you would like to help your child with push-ups at home leading up the test that would be great! Our next unit is soccer and that will take us through most of November. We still go outside even if it is really cold, I try to remind students that it is a good idea to bring a coat, gloves, hat, etc, and then they can shed layers if they get cold.