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Riverview believes in the power of children’s curious nature to inspire their own learning. Scientific exploration provides excellent opportunities to explore the world and our individual place in it through wondering, questioning, thinking, discovering and applying. In 5th grade, students have science class daily and also an engineering class every 3rd week, both designed to develop our students habits to question, think, and problem solve. In grades K-4, students have science lab once or twice per week. Whether working in the lab, heading to our school garden, or doing other field work, the main focus is hands on exploration of scientific concepts and application through engineering challenges.


Kinder through 4th grade science is taught by Carolyn Shadell.  Oscar Trono teaches 5th grade science.


  • Kindergarten units of study include observing, sorting, and classifying living and nonliving objects; exploring motion; and the Sun.
  • First grade units of study include plant and animal structures and adaptations; introductory genetics; Earth materials and resources; and states and properties of matter.
  • Second grade units of study include plant and animal habitat and requirements; forces and motion; and impacts of weather.
  • Third grade units of study include plant and animal life cycles; formation of and changes in Earth materials; and changing states of matter.
  • Fourth grade units of study include ecosystem components and dynamics; fossil analysis and interpretation; energy forms and transformations; and our solar system.
  • Fifth Grade units of study include plant and animal structures and systems; human body systems; mixtures and solutions; earth's changing surface; and renewable and nonrenewable resources.