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September 2017-Principal's Corner

What Follows is valuable information about goings-on at Riverview this year:

Social/Emotional Student Health – We are increasing our focus on developing and supporting the social/emotional health of students. We have hired a second school counselor to help serve this area and are working as a staff to adjust some aspects of students’ daily life at Riverview to better balance student stress. Additionally, we are working to increase student social/emotional skill development so they can better handle the inevitable stress that does go along with life.

Report Cards – We are adjusting how we report student progress to parents and guardians over the course of the year. This school year, we will provide two official report cards; one at the mid-point of the year and a second at the end of the year. In between report cards, we are hosting two formal conference opportunities. At each conference you will receive student progress information via your child’s Record of Learning along with other evidence and information directly from your child and his/her teacher. We believe this will be a more meaningful delivery of progress information.

Home Learning – We are continuing our practice of not assigning homework. We ask you to engage in the most meaningful home learning practice of nightly reading (20-30 minutes) with your child.

Classroom to Home Communication

Teachers will be providing an electronic bi-weekly communication to include the following information:

  • Upcoming important dates
  • Key Learning targets in upcoming week
  • General assessment on how students did on last week’s targets
One of the goals of this communication is providing updates of the key learning occurring in classrooms to aide parents/guardians in having information from which you can ask your child specific questions about learning…this is a great way to support learning at home. Please start looking for a shift away from paper to increase electronic communication.