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How to Find an Accelerated Reader (AR) Book at the Public Library

Since we started Accelerated Reader at Riverview your children are checking out and reading AR books. You can also find AR books at the public library (or in your home collection) by going to the AR Bookfinder website at Ask your child what color dot he/she is supposed to be reading. The colors correspond to the AR book levels.


The AR book levels are as follows:

                    Yellow dot:              0.0 – 0.9

                    Light Blue dot:          1.0 – 1.9

                    Red dot:              2.0 – 2.9

                    Green dot:              3.0 – 3.9

                    Orange dot:           4.0 – 4.9

                    Neon Yellow dot:          5.0 – 5.9

                    Dark Blue dot:          6.0 – 6.9

                    Neon Orange dot:          7.0 – 7.9

                    Neon Green dot:          8.0 and up


In order to find a book level for a particular book on Bookfinder, follow these steps:

·        Click on the Quick Search tab.

·        Type the title of the book.

·        Click on Go.

·        If the book is an AR book, it will show up on the screen.

·        Look for the BL (Book Level) to see if it is the correct level. You can find this next to “BL” in the book information.


 If you want to look at a list of books at a certain level follow these steps:

·        Click on the Advanced Search tab.

·        Choose an Interest Level in the drop-down menu (Lower Grade, Middle Grade, Middle Grade+ or Upper Grade). You have to choose one or you can’t go any further. If your child is young, you should choose Lower or Middle Grade. Middle Grade+ and Upper Grade are for the older kids.

·        Type in an ATOS Book Level (this is the AR book level from above). You should type in a range, for example, 3.0 to 3.9. 

·        Click on Go.

·        A list of AR books at that level will show up on the screen.


If you have any questions, call or email Trish Kirkpatrick in the library (

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