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Focused Literacy Instruction

FLI Time Description

One constant challenge for schools is meeting the individual needs of students in large group environment. This year we are implementing a new structure to help us better meet individual student needs.

  1. What is FLI?

FLI Time is an acronym for Focused Literacy Instruction. It is literacy instruction meant to meet the individual needs of students. Once FLI Time is under way, every student will receive focused literacy instruction for 30 minutes each day, Monday through Thursday. Each grade level has an identified FLI Time when the grade level is ‘flooded’ with additional teachers. Students will be re-distributed into smaller groups based on their literacy needs and instructed to meet such needs. For example, during first grade FLI Time there will be 7 teachers (rather than 4), enabling us to provided up to 7 different literacy.

  1. Why FLI?

FLI Time is being implemented to be enable us to meet the wide ranging literacy needs of students from the most struggling student to the highest flying student. Several of our teachers received training over the summer in teaching reading to struggling readers to better support learning.

  1. How are students grouped in FLI?

Based on evidence collected through assessment and teacher observation, students will be grouped by teachers. Students with similar needs will be group together. Teachers will regularly consider student progress and move students between groups as appropriate. Learning goals of FLI groups will also adjust as we learn what students are able to do and what they need to learn next.

It is important to state that students will receive their ‘core instruction’ with their homerooms. FLI time will be an extension of core literacy instruction and will be directly tied to what is happening in their homeroom classroom. It is really differentiation on a grade level scale.

  1. When will FLI Time start?

Teachers are finishing with the start of the year assessments and development of their understanding of student needs. Once this process is complete, FLI groups will be taking off. In the next couple of weeks you will be hearing from teachers about when this will start at each grade level (they will not all be the same).

Updated 9-19-2011

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